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Kamala with Moon on Belly (Factory Mistake)

Only about 24 Kamala figures were produced with a moon on the belly!

I have heard many different reasons over the years as to why the moon version was never mass released.

Here are a few of the tales:

* Someone made a mistake at the factory, simple as that.

* It could have been done on purpose, knowing that a very rare carded action figure, made in very small numbers, could be worth a lot of money in years to come. Rare action figures were not a new thing in the early 90's, so someone at the factory may have been a very clever person and realised, a simple miss print could lead to a huge investment.

* They may have been test runs, but for whatever reason decided to go with the star. Maybe the machine template that printed the moon was faulty, instead of waiting for a replacement, they went with a quicker option of just using a non broken machine that had a star template.

* Kamala/Harris owned the rights to Kamala (or at least the look), maybe it was a way of WWF/Hasbro getting around legalities of this copyrights.

Its an amazing and a very expensive story, when you think about it, the tiniest thing adds a couple of zeros to $10...

People are faking this figure all of the time, its by far the quickest paint job ever (in the custom world) and if you can glue the bubble on to a card, then yeah, some people will be fooled and will splash big bucks on what is simply a custom scam.

You need to be very careful when buying a WWF Hasbro Kamala with Moon on Belly.

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